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greeceifu_cover2009_72x900GREECE: Instructions for Use

“Don’t be fooled by this small book. It’s more powerful than you think!”  — Cristina Dima, WhyGo Greece

Travel joyously and fearlessly,
with expert knowledge at your fingertips.

ifu_seriesNot what, but how.

The Instructions for Use Travel Series features the only guides that focus solely on the practical, cultural aspects of independent travel. Written by in-country experts and passionate travelers, these compact, color-coded, illustrated handbooks are packed with the most current, pertinent, easy-to-locate info available. Because they focus on the practical aspects, the Instructions guides contain a host of specifics the others simply don’t have the expertise or space to include. It’s like having a private travel consultant right in your pocket!

Taking a cruise, exploring on your own? On your honeymoon? Are you studying abroad, or signing up for private language study? On a business trip and need a cultural reference manual? The Instructions Series was created with you in mind.

It’s the “operations manual” that answers all your
practical questions at the moment you have them, for

Italy, France,
and now,

Just remember…